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Temple Stay Volunteer

Where : Yongjusa temple at Hwaseong
When : from 6/22/2002 to 6/23/2002

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There are 4 participants applied this weekend temple stay program. Louise Lucas and Alex Gill are from England and Jennifer Ault and Desiree Leal are from Canada. There are some university students get together to make thier work for Video Festival about Worldcup. As a Volunteer I (Ki-Hyun KIM) was happy to prepare and assist this program for participants with volunteer Young-Hee Park
Participants are make Lotus Lantern with some students
on 6/22/2002. at Filial Piety Education Hall

Volunteer Y.H.Park guided participants temple
6/22/2002 - near main Gate -
Walking around temple with Lotus Lantern
6/22/2002 - Yongjusa Temple -

All smiles after change thier casual clothes
6/23/2002. - Yongjusa temple -
With Desiree at Filial Piety Education Hall
6/23/2002. - Photo by Jennifer -

Participants practice Seon (Zen) meditation
(Yogi Jennifer has good posture)
6/23/2002. - Mansuri Room -
Participants and volunteers with Bongak Sunim
(from left Desiree, Louise, Alex, Jennifer)
6/23/2002. - King's Tomb at rainy day -

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